The Night Wanderer Book Trailer and Recommendations of Aboriginal Music

This week my friend Alison and I made a trailer for Drew Hayden Taylor’s The Night Wanderer. I gained a lot of respect for bloggers who do this regularly, I don’t think either of us anticipated just how much work this would end up being. I’m quite pleased with the final result though!

I also put together a double-sided single page infosheet with additional information for creating book talks for The Night Wanderer.

The Night Wanderer: A Book Talk Infosheet

(I realize I am pushing it a little in my interpretation of the phrase ‘single page’. If you’re pressed for time I kept the most essential content to the front page so you could just read that and go off sadly unaware of the critical success of The Night Wanderer)

In the novel, Tiffany’s grandmother often muses on how the Anishinaabe language is slowly dying out. After finishing The Night Wanderer, one of the things Alison and I decided we really wanted to do was highlight some Anishinaabe music in our trailer. This turned into a bit of a quest through various Aboriginal artists to find something that matched the tone we wanted in our trailer. I thought I’d share some of groups I checked out while searching!

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