What Can You Get From the Digital Library

What do you think guys? Is everyone feeling inspired by the idea of the digital library? Excited about all the information available for searching? A little concerned about how useful a digital library can be when so many works are restricted by copyright?

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To Link or Not to Link

When I began this blog I put some thought into linking it to my other social media accounts. I knew I wouldn’t link to Facebook right away — I’ve done my best to maintain some semblance of anonymity here, I have no plans to change that by linking to my real name. Besides which my Facebook account is highly personal and not something I considerable suitable for a professional blog.

That still left other options though. Twitter? Not likely, I made a personal twitter account two years ago and have used it only once since. I’m a loquacious person, I’m sure there are people out there who can say something meaningful in 140 characters but I’m certainly not one of them.

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The Climbable Library

The Climbable Library

I really enjoy reading stories about libraries that experiment with architecture and layout. I talked about the concept of the library as an institution that provides information but I also think the physical component of the library is very important. I can get a lot of information sitting at home searching google, I can’t practice my rockclimbing skills.


Who Needs Books? Changing Concepts of Librarianship

While watching this 1947 promotional video I was struck by how much of it sounded familiar. Librarians love books and people. They work in cataloguing, reference, circulation, and outreach. They provide access to to information for diverse communities of patrons, whether that means developing Braille collections for vision impaired patrons or sending out bookmobiles to visit rural communities. Nothing objectionable here, right?

Wrong! Friends and readers, I point you to our narrator’s list of qualifications for librarianship: a love of books and of people. Today I am plan to contest the first half of that statement. The modern librarian can work just fine while maintaining only a passing fondness for books. Perhaps even (drumroll please) no interest in books whatsoever! Continue reading “Who Needs Books? Changing Concepts of Librarianship”